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Help & Support

Majority of the questions you may have will be answered on our FAQ, which is often updated, thanks to your contribution  😉

If you have any enquiry that is not listed on our FAQ – please get in touch with us! CLICK HERE


What type of luggage can I bring?2016-10-29T19:47:19+00:00

You may bring two pieces of baggage, which together weight a maximum of 25kg. You are also very welcome to bring a pushchair. If you decide to do so, please contact us prior to the journey you’ve booked.

There are a few items which are forbidden on our cars:

  • drugs
  • weapons
  • inflammable liquids
  • combustible fuel
  • firelighters, tear gas, fireworks, bangers, distress signals and imitation guns
  • camping stoves, paint, varnish, gas bottles and scuba diving bottles
  • radioactive materials, toxic materials, contagious materials, chemical products, fertilisers, weed killer, pesticide, insecticide, paint stripper, bleach, chlorine and washing powder
  • batteries with electrolyte
How much luggage can I bring?2016-10-29T19:31:27+00:00

All reservations include the transport of two pieces of baggage, which together weight a maximum of 25kg.

What about if I am late?2016-10-29T19:29:19+00:00

With regards to the departure…well…If you would like to arrive at the destination on time, we will have therefore to depart at the exact time stated on your ticket. Please note that if you miss your departure, your ticket is non refundable and if you still wish to travel you have the option of making a new reservation on the next available journey.

What about cancellation?2016-10-29T19:19:57+00:00

The total amount you’ve paid for your reservation/s will be *fully refunded if requested a minimum of 7 days prior to the journey you’ve booked.

*Please note, if you paid with paypal we won’t be able to refund you their fees.

How many seats can I reserve?2016-10-29T19:14:47+00:00

You are very welcome to reserve as many seats as you like – up to seven 🙂